Insider Tips for the Vampire

The Vampire has to be crafty, conniving and opportunistic.  While the rest of the league can get by with minimal preparation after the draft, the Vampire needs to do his research and be ready when opportunity knocks.  Like any other predator, patience and a well thought out plan of attack is the only way to succeed.  Blink, and you’re going hungry.  Good hunting

  • Look for high upside players. 
  • Seek out trades!  You have the entire waiver wire at your disposal.  Injuries will always present the best opportunities.  Owners will get desperate if they start to fall behind in the rankings.  3-way trades are a more realistic option in this format, as you basically have an unlimited roster to work with.  And what omnivorous vampire doesn’t like a good 3-way?
  • Quarterbacks:  Dual threat QBs, QB’s on teams that will be trailing and passing more.
  • Running backs: Change of pace/3rd down RBs for a team that will be trailing to a better team, or on a team with a crappy defense are usually overlooked in drafts.
  • Wide Receivers: check injury reports.  If a top WR pulls a hammy, those #2, #3 receivers always get a bump in targets.
  • Tight Ends:  check injury reports as the same will apply to TEs.   Rookie/young QBs will usually lean on their TEs
  • Flex:  I generally like to use an RB here, one that is a receiving threat as that will just make for more opportunity and upside.
  • Defense/Special teams:  you actually have an advantage as you can stream DST according to advantageous match-ups.
  • Kickers…just kidding, dartboard rule applies as usual
  • When other owners begin to have IR players, protect yourself.  You can review league rosters and see what an owner will be seeking.  Remember, they must pick up the same positonal player as the injured player and you will have a one day head start.  Fill your bench with the top players in those positions.  They will only have one crack at waivers, and you can adjust accordingly afterwards.  It’s not like they left you much.  RBs are the biggest commodity,  don’t  let them pick up a hidden gem.   Besides, you’re the Vampire.  Embrace the cold-blooded nature.
  • When taking a player after a win: Consider both strengthening your team AND weakening your opponent.  Early in the season, you will almost certainly want to take a running back as this is going to be the greatest need for the Vampire.  Seek out a trade before committing to the player as you may be able to find a trading partner for anyone on the losing team’s starting lineup.  You can sweeten any deal since you always have the waiver undead to work with.
  • If you suspect a team is going to stash their best players, gladly take the win, but put a few “dud” players in your starting lineup to trade after the win.  An owner will assume you wont trade your starters for his bench-worthy players so outplay his move by weakening his team and downgrading the player you eventually take with a scrub.  Pay particular attention to what will hurt them more: taking a handcuff, further depleting a thin depth area or taking away a likely bye-week replacement.
  • Getting “Craiged”: this fiendish unlubed act was dreamt up by season 2022 Vamp Count Pint-o Blood.  Having a win all but assured heading into the Monday night game,  the Vampire (who had a starter yet to play) reached into waivers and pulled a third string dud also playing on Monday Night Football and inserted that player into his starting lineup and ended up trading that player to the losing team, essentially creating a black whole in the victim’s lineup for the rest of the season.  Pure EVIL!
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