Team depth is the key to success. Handcuff your studs. When drafting, unlike most leagues,  it is a good idea to have 2 Defenses, 2 kickers and 2 Tight Ends as you will be taking a zero for that position if you have a bye or your player is injured that week.  Pay particular attention to bye weeks as they can deplete your team and having, lets say 2 QBs with the same bye week, will lead to ridicule (or so I’m told😁.)  Make note of what week(s) you face the vampire as byes those weeks could really bite you in the ass.

*Just a personal preference, but I like drafting a kicker from the same team as my heavy hitters…that way I don’t throw something at the TV when they fail to score a TD in the red zone

Facing the Vampire

When facing the vampire there are 2 basic strategies.  You can battle at full strength going for a seemingly easy win depending on the strength of the vampire’s team or sit your studs, thereby protecting them from getting preyed on.  You will still need to field a complete team and not leave empty slots on your starting lineup.  Starters cannot be on a bye, injured reserve, or labeled as “out” if there is another player on your roster that could be used. in that slot.  

Being the Vampire

The Vampire requires the most work and strategy.  And it is the most fun as you get to basically wreak havoc on the leaugue.  Use the waiver pool to seek out trades.  Prey on the injured.  Look for huge upside players to steal games early in the season that will help build your team.

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